EMCsoft Bitrix24 Integration

Bitrix24 currently boasts of over nine million clients worldwide. Approximately 60% of this number are only trying out the program or do not put it to frequent use. Half of the remaining 40% of Bitrix24 users prefer to continue with this solution's cloud interface.

Hence, the number of actual users is left at approximately 3,600,000. Only 10% of this number are willing to commit financially to use the Bitrix24 CRM self-hosted.

There are approximately 360,000 companies that have purchased or are set to purchase a self-hosted Bitrix24 platform. These companies are currently investing resources into the development of this CRM to meet their business needs. And a good number of them are in dire need of competent developers.

On the other hand, due to the complexities involved in the development of Bitrix24, there are very few competent Bitrix24 developers. Developers must understand the structure and operations of the program to be able to improve this solution.

Also, the Bitrix24 market might seem unfilled, but it is full of opportunities. The EMCsoft team is dedicated to helping companies like yours with support and development for Bitrix24. Through our services, we hope to reach a large portion of the companies currently patronizing the solution.

To achieve our aim, we have developed a deep understanding of the Bitrix24 system. We have also mastered how to create several extensions for its users. We also carry out each procedure with maximum accuracy - as mistakes and omissions can be costly.

Who Are Our Clients?

Fundamentally, our clientele comprises of commercial businesses that often include creative and young ones. Each of these businesses has remote teams of about 50 to 500 members each.

The tasks managed by a company is determined by the company size and the project manager. And when it comes to assigning tasks on the system, the heads of sales, IT managers, and representatives can always take responsibility.

How Do You Handle Integration Troubleshooting with Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 integration deals with the generation of information systems that are incorporated into a client's business interface. This integration aims to save you the cost and time you spend attending to customers. It also eases up your business processes and increases your sales.

Now, who handles this integration for you?

EMCsoft is an expert Bitrix24 integrator that can handle all your web integrations for you. We also help to boost your business's productivity by making the most of our integration procedures.

We Know What You Want

We know that businesses differ, and the various tasks each business requires also vary. But the fundamental factors that dictate the kind of tasks your business needs are your priorities, and the circumstances surrounding them.

Consequently, the features of any CRM integration project we receive from clients are usually based on the assigning party's status. For an IT support representative, we know that system automation will be a possible project. On the other hand, a company manager will want every system integrated, and the business running as smoothly as possible.

Minor Tasks, requiring a Maximum of 50 Hours

Server Installation of Bitrix24

An average of 14 hours is required to install Bitrix24 CRM on your server. The first few hours are required to run the Bitrix24 environment on your server, and to establish the private web using restore.php code.

Then, the following hours would be utilized for the system configuration. During this time, various administration subjects are carried out. From the domain delegation to ports launching, external email connection, and internal email configuration, we ensure to run each installation with great care.

During installation, we also ensure that your Bitrix24 portal works at top speed at a go. Your file storage in the system may not affect this speed. But an increase in the number of your employees and users will. Hence, we work towards an extra 30/50% speed on the portal.

For optimal performance, your OS should be CentOS7, and the server must have a minimum memory of 8GB, minimum 4 CPU, and minimum 500Gb SSD drive.

Moving to Bitrix24 Self-Hosted Version from the Cloud Version

In summary, moving your Bitrix24 database from the cloud to the self-hosted platform requires an average of 14 hours and follows the steps below:

  1. Purchase virtural server, dedicated server or physical server;

  2. Preparation of the server and installation of Bitrix24 in server as detailed in the 'Server Installation of Bitrix24.';

  3. Sending a request to Bitrix24 support to layout your company's portal for the movement. Usually, this process can take up to two working days, during which you will receive a copy of your files and database;

  4. Launch the received copy of your cloud system to the self-hosted server;

  5. Disabling access to the cloud version of the system. This disabling is so that none of your employees unknowingly completes any task on it.

As a tip, always mobilize your system's administrator before the transfer process. This mobilization is necessary because, at the time when your cloud system is being deactivated, the self-hosted system may not be ready for use. Any work done on either platform will not be saved.

Also, some integrators may take longer than two days to switch your Bitrix24 database.

Contact us today for a Bitrix24 implementation done at the speed of light.

Tutoring Team Members

It is okay for you to instruct your team members / employees on how to use Bitrix24. But your employees may not need in-depth training to operate the system, provided they can navigate other office and social software. You may only need to emphasize the benefits of the system to motivate them to utilize it.

Nevertheless, you can use a few slides (at an average of 15 hours) to illustrate the fundamental principles guiding the use of Bitrix24 to your employees. Next, an instruction manual with an average of 9 pages can then be created and distributed to your staff.

If your business is large-scale and bureaucratic, you may need a more advanced consultation to obtain a procedure for training your team.

Document Storage

This task is not the same as document management, and it is vital when you have to store documents (like invoices, contract copies, complaints, and application lists) and their templates. It is carried out by creating Group Disks, Lists, and Regulations. You may also need to improve your software system for better access during storage.

The task of document storage can take up about 15 hours and 50 hours with improved software.

Business Operations

For a business to run successfully, certain operations must be active in its routine. These operations include, but are not limited to:

  • Contracts and their negotiations;

  • Promotional campaigns and adverts;

  • Payment processes;

  • Lead processing;

  • Complaint management.

There are a series of procedures you can take on several Bitrix24 tools to carry out your business operations. These procedures range from contract interactions, chats, task management, files, document modifications, contact, and list modifications.

In general, executing business operations that require standard procedures for activation needs an average of 30 hours (plus about 20 hours for labor). But to begin the execution, you need to document the operation's scope in about 3 to 6 pages. It is more cost-effective to modify a written scope than an entire procedure.

However, not every business procedure can be carried out with the currently existing tools on Bitrix24. Some procedures will have to be developed before they are executed.

Computing Group Data on Bitrix24 CRM

The computation of group data on Bitrix24 is uncommon but can be a huge task to accomplish. It involves the computing of erroneous data in bulk. Examples of such data are a wrongly defined lead, incorrect placing of customer data, and the removal of a large number of appointments.

This group processing can be carried out effectively through a customized procedure in the CRM. But a program script may be needed if there are too many erroneous data to process.

For the time estimate of this task, you will need to contact us through our website form. We need to get a glimpse of what your task entails before sending you an estimate.

Lead Source Tracking on Bitrix24

It is possible to customize the leads emanating from different platforms in your business. These platforms include voice calls, emails, website forms, and open lines. And the source tracking from each platform is comparatively free.

To obtain the leads, we will first examine the source and its format, before programming and test-running it. This process also applies to the organization of the lead that you obtain from unconventional sources.

The email tracker on Bitrix24 makes it easy for you to obtain leads from your email.

Finally, we also need to see what your task looks like to help you with your leads.

Reach out to us with the details of your project and get an estimate for it.

Conventional Tasks: Requiring up to 300 Hours of Programming

Conventional tasks are the projects that touch the main parts of a business and often require up to 300 hours of work. To carry out these tasks, we need to examine them before proceeding to the technical actions required.

Importing Data from Other CRMs

As a Bitrix24 integration company, our team at EMCsoft deals with a good number of data importation now and then.

There is no established solution to inter-CRM data transfers, but this task is still feasible - through in-depth research and programming. Importing complex data requires an average time of about 12 hours, while simple data take up not more than an average of 6 hours.

Data complexity depends on the difference between their structure and that of Bitrix24. If both structures differ significantly, we would have to carry out other operations, like conversions, before the actual import.

Data imported to Bitrix24 are usually in CSV format but can have a few errors like:

  • Duplication of data since older ones are not updated;

  • No linking of items such as deals and tasks;

  • Selectivity with some data structures.

For this task, it will be faster to use xls, or simply extract items from your database before importation. The process should take about half an hour but may be too inconvenient for you.

To get an estimate for your data import task, contact us with the details of your projects. Kindly fill in the form at the bottom of this post.

Importing Data from Other CRMs

We can also help you with the integration of Bitrix24 with platforms like Microsoft Dynamic and SAP. This integration requires design and development, as well as a self-hosted Bitrix24 version.

The various processes by which we do this integration includes:

  • Files transfer;

  • No linking of items such as deals and tasks;

  • Selectivity with some data structures;

  • Selectivity with some data structures.

To receive the estimate for this system integration, you need to provide us technical information like the direction of the integration and the protocols and data type involved.

Categorization of Access

If your company has several branches, arms, and affiliates, boxing all your subdivisions into a single Bitrix24 interface may not be exactly ideal. In this case, there is a version of Bitrix24 that is right for you, and you will not have to struggle with a single employee database.

The multi-department version of Bitrix24 allows you to categorize your employees' access to your records, tasks, and files. This categorization can include:

  • Disabling certain functions for some members of your staff;

  • Customizing your access sharing different from standard settings;

  • Sharing certain information between divisions;

  • Applying employees' double subordination;

  • Preventing staff members of different branches from communicating via chat.

An important fact to note during the categorization of access is that design and analytics should always be the first in any change you make to your company's system process.

We would love you to fill the form on our website for the estimate of this task.

Unconventional CRM Reports

The Bitrix24 CRM solution can generate sales funnel and business reports. But when it comes to unconventional reports and access to information from irregular sources, it can take up to 15 hours to complete one.

Also, since our clients and their flexibilities differ, these non-traditional tasks could take several forms and require different times. Examples of these projects include CRM geolocation features, funnel comparison, leads from unconventional sales funnels, and trigger mailings.

The structure of data storage, and its sources, make up a fundamental feature of this task. So, always consider the most suitable structure for collecting and storing data.

Setting Up Business Steps

Business processes consist of several steps with varying durations. If these processes have similar structures and conditions, then configuring them using their original design will be relatively easy. In this case, average duration of 35 hours will be required for completion.

However, some business steps have different terms, stages, and compositions. These steps will need different times which can be somewhat challenging to track. These steps include:

  • Setting up a new outlet;

  • Web development;

  • Launching a new promotional campaign;

  • Establishing business process procedures for Deals with several steps.

Major Tasks: Requiring a Minimum of 300 Hours of Development

Huge tasks that require more than 300 hours of a programmer's time will need a primary modification of the Bitrix24 system. These tasks are also labor-intensive, and may sometimes require the attention of 1C-Bitrix - the developer of Bitrix24. Nevertheless, we can carry them out for you, and some of them are listed below:

  • Redesigning of Bitrix24;

  • Addition of new functions;

  • Addition of new sections and external integrations;

  • Billing options.

To get the estimate for major tasks, reach out to us with the details of your project, and we'll get across to you with the estimate.