How to: Automatically add date in Lead name

CRM system can help to automatize a sales process of any business. CRM is about automating repetitive, manual tasks to streamline work and improve productivity. CRM tools are all about making it easier to manage every external interaction and relationship that’s essential for business success. Automation can free up time to focus on more meaningful, strategic work.

However, there are a lot of processes that should be organized before sales manager gets a list of a new leads. Leads systematization is one of the most crucial moments in CRM. Let’s see what actions should be taken in order to streamline the lead nurturing process.

Lead collection channels

Here, sales have to work tightly with marketing team. Marketers build channels in order to get as many requests from potential clients as possible. Channel can be whether online or offline. In well configured system all inbound requests should be automatically converted to leads in CRM program. This is where IT solutions step in.

When all marketing and sales information is stored separately, it can create a break in communication which can cause lack of efficiency and slowdown in goal achievement.

As an example, company has a website with “Contact us” form. How company can generate traffic to its corporate website? The most popular tools involve SEO optimization, banner ads, email newsletter, blog posting, YouTube videos etc. All of these ways have to increase traffic to your website. The more visitors you get, the more chances that they will leave their contacts in your website form.

Connecting your traffic data with CRM system

Next step is to connect your website with CRM system. So, data provided by website visitors will be captured and automatically transformed to the lead in your CRM system. This is how web-to-lead forms are created. Of course, your sales manager can collect inbound requests and make an entry in CRM system manually. But clearly, this way lacks efficiency and speed.

Typical website form includes name and contact information of the person. Company name field is also can be required, especially in B2B businesses. Contact information usually is phone number or email address or both.

It is worth to remember that for some people more psychologically comfortable to leave email address rather than personal phone number. The reason is growing number of spam messages and unwanted calls or WhatsApp chats that can be qualified as an interruption to private space. So, it is better to leave only email field or let visitor the right to choose between phone number and email. Such moments can help to brand your business as an entity with high ethical standards.

IT sputnik company has a wide expertise in both marketing and sales automation with careful attention to the details. We can help you to find solution suitable for your business.

Visual presentation of your leads in CRM system

Now we have incoming leads shown in CRM system. Here it is very important to make leads visually understandable. Each sales manager should be able to open the CRM system board and easily understand all data that was arrived.

Not so long ago leads used to be presented as a batch of lists or spreadsheet. Nowadays almost all CRM systems use Kanban boards. Briefly Kanban board shows lead or deal as a card that flows from one stage to another, showing progress of work. Kanban board is a simple tool that shows overall picture and helps to analyze and improve work flow. “We observed Kanban method in detail in this article.

Lead creation date – important detail that is frequently missed

Having in mind above mentioned, there is a little detail that is missed but highly needed in some cases.

In standard CRMs, lead card shows name and contact information but not the date when that lead was created. Obviously, date is never provided by potential clients. But for sales managers it is sometimes crucial to instantly see the date of each lead. As an option you can always click into specific lead card and see the time of creation but you can’t see overall picture.

Anyway, there is a missing point and when you search in the internet, you’ll find out a lot of requests on specialized forums with hard-hitting answers. Many of them require coding skills.

Bitrix24 and lead card configuration

One of the most pleasant advantages of Bitrix24 products is user-friendly service. You don’t need to be a programmer in order to configure Kanban board as per your requirements. That’s why Bitrix24 is chosen by different companies including both small enterprises and big corporations.

Therefore, Bitrix24 users can enjoy a simple interface where you can set up the date of a lead right after its name in moment when lead is created.

Let’s see how to configure a robot that will add a date in Lead name in Bitrix24.

  1. First, we go to Automation rules

  2. Then we add Automation rule. Choose “For employee” – “Edit element”

  3. In element editing window choose Run – immediately, i.e. in the moment when Lead is created.

  4. We set up no condition. In Lead name field we select Lead - Lead name itself

  5. And then add one more field – Lead – Created on

  6. In “Don’t overwrite” field we have to choose NO in order to write rule over all current data.

  7. In “Change on behalf of” field we choose yourself or any other person.

  8. Also, we have to untick “After the previous automation rule” because otherwise robot will wait until previous rules are executed.

  9. Click Save and let’s see how automation rule is working

  10. Add some Lead, in this example we named it test2. Click save.

  11. Ready! In the Lead card we see a date and time when that Lead was created.

After taking these simple steps you can see a lead creation date shown on the board.

“Do you need to customize any feature of your Bitrix24 CRM to suit your business needs? Contact us today. You can also watch the video of this tutorial below on YouTube”.