Bitrix24 Training Course 6. CRM Robots: Delivery.


In the fast-paced world of e-commerce and business operations, efficient and organized delivery processes are essential. In this article, we explore how Bitrix24, a comprehensive business management solution, can help you streamline your delivery process with the use of delivery robots.

Understanding the Bitrix24 Delivery Robots:

Bitrix24 offers a range of powerful tools to manage your delivery logistics effectively. These include handling orders, getting product information, managing payments, and communicating with customers.

1. Seamless Order Delivery:

We highlights the importance of smoothly transitioning your deals from one stage to another when products are delivered to customers. However, he points out that integrating your delivery company with Bitrix24 may not always be straightforward. Currently, Bitrix24 supports integration with Yandex delivery but assures viewers that they are open to integrating other delivery services upon request.

2. The Role of "Get Product Item Information" Robot:

Intriguingly, we introduce a unique element in Bitrix24 - the "get product item information" robot. This is not your typical robot; it's a helper designed to extract critical data from your deals. Specifically, it extracts product item information from your deals, a crucial step in managing your delivery process.

3. Setting Up Email Communications:

You may set up an email communication trigger using the "get product item information" helper. This includes selecting email subjects and content for your communications. He also highlights the availability of automation rules at different stages of the process, providing you with even more control over your communication with customers.

4. Limitations and Business Process:

There are some limitations of the "get product item information" robot, which can extract only the first item from a product list. For more complex extraction tasks, for that you houls to use a business process.


Bitrix24's delivery robots and tools offer a promising way to optimize your delivery process, saving time and resources. Below video provides valuable insights into making the most of Bitrix24's delivery management features. Whether you're new to Bitrix24 or looking to improve your existing processes, these tips will undoubtedly help you take your delivery operations to the next level. If you have any questions or need further guidance, don't hesitate to reach out and explore the possibilities Bitrix24 has to offer.

Detailed instructions on how these robots can be used are described below.

  1. Go to “Automation Rules”. Click “Create”. Go to “Delivery” and add “Get product item information” helper.

  2. Edit the helper. Click three dots option to select dynamic Product ID named “Products”. Click “Save”.

  3. Drag “Get product item information” helper to the “Order Delivery” stage.

  4. Go to “Automation Rules”. Click “Create”. Go to “Delivery” and add “Send email to customer” robot.

  5. Drag “Send email to customer” robot to the “Order Delivery” stage. Click “Edit”.

  6. Select the sender of email. Name the title of the email. Write the body of email and use the dynamic attributes such as, “Product Name”, “Product Price”, “Quantity” and “Delivery Address” by just selecting from the menu popup through the three dots option.

  7. After writing the body of email, select “Client address type” as “Auto Select” and click “Save”.

  8. Open the deal. Click the name of the contact to configure the details. In this case, there is need to adjust the address.

  9. Click “Edit”.

  10. To configure address, just click “Detailed”.

  11. Write the address under the same field “Street, house no.” which has been used in the body of email.

  12. Click “Order Delivery” to change the stage of the deal. The email will be automatically send to the customer. Open it.

  13. Here’s the detailed overview of email body with all details including product’s name, price, quantity and delivery address.

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