Bitrix24 For Customer Feedback Automation

Customer feedback - whether good or bad - is a priceless commodity that no business owner would want to joke with. After all, how do you figure out your business' impact on your customers if they do not give you feedback? But then, you may need to ask before most customers will leave any feedback on your product and services.

That customer feedback is vital for your business does not necessarily mean you neglect other processes for it. Automating your feedback process using EMCsoft's Bitrix24 integration guarantees that 99 out of 100 of your customers leave you feedbacks. Most importantly, this automation ensures that none of your business processes suffers neglect as a result.

The outcome of this customer feedback automation is that your customers automatically receive text messages containing a link to your feedback platform. They can respond promptly, and you also get to save the feedback without lifting a finger.

Before a brief illustration of how this customization works, enjoy the following reasons why your business needs feedback from every single customer:

1. To Improve Your Services

You might have done extensive market research before starting your business. But nothing gives you as much insight into improving your products and services as the customers who use them. Customers are the people to rightly tell you what is and is not right about your product. After all, you are in business for them, aren't you?

2. Boost Customer Satisfaction

When your customers can tell you what works and doesn't work for them about your product, you'll be better able to satisfy them. You can strategically utilize their feedback to meet their unmet needs during subsequent productions or services.

3. Improve Customer Loyalty

When you meet customers for feedback, you make them feel important. And when you subsequently modify their responses into your future products and services, you earn their trust and loyalty. It would take competitors a lot of effort to covet loyal customers from you.

4. Reliable Data for Marketing

In recent times, consumers have lost confidence in adverts and marketing campaigns. More and more people are beginning to look to what other users say about a commodity before making monetary commitments. So, you'd want to hold on tight to feedback from your customers if you're going to keep the customers coming.

For EMCsoft's Bitrix24 customization for customer feedback automation, here's an illustration of what it does.

  1. First, we create a new deal and fill in the necessary data fields.

    Deal view
  2. We now run the deal through stages to simulate what happens when you have deals with your clients until the deal is completed successfully.

    Bitrix24 CRM View
  3. Immediately the deal is closed, the client automatically receives a text message. The message contains the URL to a page where they can leave feedback on your services.

    incoming sms view
  4. Clients can also leave star ratings for your services.

    window for feedback in mobile
  5. As soon as they're done, you can see their rating and comments under their deal.

  6. You can also archive all customer feedback and rating in one place for quality assurance purposes.

Surely, you can't wait to hear all the pleasant things your customers have to say about your business! Contact us today, let's give your business a good headstart and don't forget to check the video below about that development

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