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EMCsoft: A Customer-Friendly IT Company

When it comes to customer services, every company – including IT companies – prefer to work with the systems best suited for them. However, from inception up until now, EMCsoft has gained mastery over different customer relation systems. As such, we can work with clients and potential customers via various work systems.

This flexible working system of ours has announced and established our services in several countries of the world, with happy, satisfied customers in each country. We’d be exceeding pleased to have you join our long list of satisfied customers!

Our Markets and Service Rates

EMCsoft has instituted the legal entities required to operate in every part of the world. As a result, the reach of our services is limitless with regards to geographical location. So, irrespective of your region, we are ready at your service.

We operate within two different markets:

  • The Сountries that trade with the US dollars,
  • And European clients who transact with Euro.

For each of the markets above, we work at different service rates. You can readily obtain a dedicated rate for your location when you contact our managers.

Also, our rates are of two types. The one is known as customer rate, and the other is called partner rate.

For our customer rate, we do not include additional fees for customer-manager interactions. And unlike most other IT firms who would charge you separately for project management, our basal customer rates cover every project we manage for you. We also ensure that qualified employees, whose priority is your satisfaction, handle your project management.

On the other hand, our partner rate applies to the IT firms that work in partnership with us under stated terms. Based on the agreement, the amplitude of the specifications for the projects we obtain from these firms determines the rate for their work. Invariably, their charges would significantly lessen when our developers have a well-prepared technical specification for the job. After an assessment, partner rates usually fall within 10 to 25 percent of original charges.

In a nutshell, every project we execute is unique in itself. The individual rates, discounts, terms, and conditions of projects will also be set up upon communication with us.

Our Transactions and their Different Payments

Also, for every project we complete for you, you can choose from three types of transactions and their payment features. These transactions are very different from one another. But they are among the most accommodating and most convenient transactions you’ll find on the market.

Set Rate Transactions

For most interactions with our customers, we carry out projects at predefined rates. While this is about the most basic form of transaction we do, it comes with its unique financial requirement because we bear the many risks associated with such transactions.

On contacting any of our employees and requesting this type of transaction, they first analyze your needs to ascertain what they will do on it. Afterward, you’ll receive feedback consisting of the job requirements and a quotation. Then on your acceptance and payment, we issue you an invoice before proceeding with the project.

However, set rate transactions are only ideal for minor, one-off projects. If you have bigger or longer-lasting tasks, other payment options may be more cost-effective for you.

Time-Bound Transactions

For time-bound transactions, project risk differences are not usually part of their payments, and you only get to pay for fulfilled tasks. During execution, we section your projects into different blocks for assessments. Also, we may not be able to figure out a precise estimate for an entire project because we base payment on the time and resources invested into its execution.

For all time-bound projects, we employ standard reporting techniques for their execution. Our developers complete the project and then report to you, the customer. And only upon your approval will they receive payment for the completed project. We also keep you in the loop during your projects by sending you regular updates on the process.

Our execution speed and rate for time-bound projects depend significantly on the project details given to us. Clearer specifications mean an increased likelihood for discounts, as they help us plan each execution properly. As such, we can easily assign people to the job, and also give you an accurate completion time.

Round-the-Clock Transactions

Based on our agreement with you, we can render round-the-clock development services to you at your convenience. However, always keep the tips below in mind while requesting round-the-clock developer services from EMCsoft:

  1. Round-the-clock service is an easy way to outsource your projects to experts from a reliable firm like EMCsoft. This service is useful for the efficient running of your projects as its rate is relatively lower than other packages. Also, you can effortlessly terminate your working relationship with the experts upon completion of the project.
  2. EMCsoft, as an entity, does not take responsibility for project management requirements for the tasks we assign to any employee. However, we always assign an account manager to each developer. The manager’s job is to track the developer’s schedule and work reports. And in collaboration with the technical director, the account manager also oversees the quality of service rendered by the employee (developer). So you, being the employer, are solely responsible for what the developer does or does not do on your project.
  3. Round-the-clock jobs are ideal for projects that require regular streams of tasks.
  4. For every full payment you make for around-the-clock project execution, EMCsoft will ensure that your project will always have an employee assigned to it.

EMCsoft’s Time Bundles

At EMCsoft, our customers can also transact with us based on time bundles. You can purchase contract hours with us in advance for your projects and minor tasks. While this package is not entirely cheaper than others, it comes with preset discounts and seasonal promotions; and also guarantees that we complete your projects within allocated hours.

As soon as you purchase a time bundle, we immediately integrate your projects into our line of projects in progress. Subsequently, we use the kanban management methodology to ensure that they are duly executed. You can keep track of and equally receive regular and comprehensive reports on your projects as well as your unused hours.

You’ll get to enjoy the benefit of EMCsoft’s time bundle when you have an urgent task to carry out. In this case, there’ll be no need to queue or start any process before we attend to your request. Your pre-purchased hours will immediately let you update your task to our system for an immediate solution.

Support Response

We will address the factors surrounding the pace of our response to your request in a later post. They shall also be included in our Service Provision Agreement whenever you request technical support from us.

However, note that we categorize customer requests into standard and critical categories. Consequently, our response to you can either be standard, important, or critical. And the way we sort and respond to your requests assures you of the speed at which we solve your problem.

Speak to Us Today!

Having gone through our work methods and payment options, you should be convinced that EMCsoft is the best IT firm to work on your projects. We are flexible and will accommodate you, your tasks, and projects as they are. It would be our pleasure to discuss further with you as touching your projects.

Kindly reach out to us today!


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