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Dynamic Interface in Lead Card or Deal Card

CRM is the lifeline of any business. Without it, managers and business owners may never be able to effectively monitor and organize their transactions with customers. With good CRM, you can effortlessly monitor customer behavior and activity for necessary changes and improvement. You can also enhance the interaction between your employees when you deploy an effective CRM tool.

Nevertheless, the usefulness of your CRM can only be seen in the quality of data you enter into it. How do you know about your customers? Do you have enough details about them to help you improve your services to them? Or do you only have their names and phone numbers stored in your CRM database?

Luckily for you, we have a unique Bitrix24 integration that modifies how much of your customers’ data you can fill into each lead. This customization is based on your previous data selection and helps you store more information about your leads.

Illustrations of how these customization works are shown below.

1. Based on your lead direction, you now have more options for data entry under your leads.

2. For example, if you select ‘Moscow’ a dropdown menu appears to select a location.

3. If you also select ‘region Moscow’, you also have other menus pop up.

Do well to contact us if there is any Bitrix24 customization you’d have us do for you and don’t forget to check the video below about that development


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