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Email marketing trends

Emails are one of the most popular ways to collect inquiries. Despite sometimes you can hear that email marketing is dying, emails are the primary channel for leads collection. In fact, marketers in UK say that emails are the key strategic channel with 91% of them rating emails as important. Second place is social media (83%) (

Various statistics show that email marketing remains strong and continue to grow, regardless of the fact that new channels are exploring and spreading.

Here we refer to emails as not only direct sells or leads generation, but also as a tool of reaching potential clients and developing relations with current customers.

Business email: personal vs corporate

When setting up a business, you should point out a specific email address. Sometimes it is a personal email of the owner or manager, sometimes a special corporate email is created.

Nevertheless, corporate email has its obvious advantage – you do not mess your private correspondence with business emails. Even if we are talking about single-person startup, it is better to look at communication tools in perspective and consider that your team will expand.

Anyway, you can create a special mailbox for your company at any moment at zero cost.

How leads can be generated by emails?

In order to generate sales and grow customer base, you should know basic tools for each marketing channel and check for new and creative ideas of leads generation from time to time. Analyzing different tools and aligning it with your target audience and company goals, you can formulate a lead generation strategy.

Let’s see how company can obtain leads through email marketing:

– client specifies his email in the form on company website in order to download a price list;

– company offers a lead magnet, that is a free resource that attracts potential customers for your niche in exchange for contact information. For example, company selling campers and RVs creates an ultimate packing list for a first-time camper and offers it for free – visitor can fill the form in landing page and download checklist;

– retailers usually make an offer with discount for website first time visitors. To get the discount, promocode will be sent on email typed by client in popup window.

In addition to this, marketers can offer scope for imagination and develop many other creative ways to generate leads using emails.

Email marketing analysis and ROI

After you collect leads, you should evaluate statistics and see in which specific cases emails are the most effective i.e., have a highest ROI (return on investment). This is how you can manage your sales.

By the way, according to Data & Marketing Association, 1£ spent on emails marketing can bring an average return of £42 ( Email marketing usually rated as less complicated in comparison to content creation and search engine optimization and so forth.

Therefore, we can see that emails are a solid and comparatively simple tool that will not lose its significance and should be used by every business.

Spam emails

In July 2021, global daily spam volume reached its highest point with incredible 283 billion spam emails ( There is no doubt that you spend at least a minute deleting spam in your mailbox every day.

Most of email providers have flexible settings to configure personal spam filters. Also, you can use special programs and apps to detect more unwanted emails and keep spam to a minimum.

Spam and CRM system

In properly configured system a corporate email is connected with CRM and incoming emails are automatically imported as Leads.

Therefore, sometimes spam emails can also reach CRM system and discourage sales managers from work.

On other hand, if your personal email box is connected with CRM, then you will be willing to avoid finding your private correspondence as a Lead. Or you have some newsletters that you signed up and want to continue receiving it, but in Leads these newsletters are inappropriate.

Anyway, above mentioned cases can cause unproductive time spent on deleting unwanted emails. And of course, persistent receiving and deleting spam can be frustrating.

However, in Bitrix24 you can stop so called spam from becoming a Lead and still be able to see it in your mailbox. Actually, this can be done in just two clicks.

Let’s see how we can stop undesired emails to appear in Leads board in Bitrix24.

1. First of all, go to Webmail in side panel.

2. Choose Gmail.

3. In window opened you need to untick “Send using external SMTP”. It is better to log in to your Gmail account by clicking “Authentication”.

4. Choose your account or log into desired one.

5. Allow Bitrix24 specified access rights.

6. Leave Mailbox integration settings as it is. Example is shown in the screenshot. Click Connect.

7. Then you need to choose folders from your email that will be synchronized with Bitrix24 system. In this example we chose Inbox, All mail, Trash, Spam folders. Click Save.

8. Then you will see that your emails are uploading into Bitrix24.

9. When we go the Leads, we will see a list of new imported leads in Unassigned stage.

10. So to stop undesired email from coming to the Bitrix24 Leads you need to select those emails by clicking on the empty space in Lead card. After you selected all of them, just click on Add to exceptions.

11. Choose Confirm and that’s it! These emails will not emerge again in your Leads. But they will still be available in your email provider. When other emails appear in your Leads, just put them into exceptions again and in 1-2 weeks your leads will be free from spam.

Taking these simple steps, you will avoid spam among your Leads in Bitrix24.

Need to know more about Bitrix24 tips to save your time and increase work efficiency? We are pleased to hear from you and find out how we can help you. ”Contact us today” and we will get back to you asap.

“You can also watch the video of this tutorial below on Youtube”.


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