Importing Leads on Bitrix24

Leads are the most exciting words used and understood by businesses of all types. They are entities (individuals or companies) that have communicated their interest in a business's products or services. They are also the hopes on which business operations hang on, such that business owners do not mind expending multiple resources to generate leads.

Why Are Leads Important?

Leads are the reason businesses exist. And when leads are converted to customers, businesses are bound to experience increased sales, more profits, and then growth and expansion.

Having explained how leads make up a very crucial part of every business, it suffices to say that they do not just happen. Business owners and managers have to go after leads and effectively convert them to customers. This process of lead acquisition is known as Lead Generation and often makes up the most significant part of a business's marketing efforts.

How to Generate Leads

Lead generation entails arousing interest for your products / services in your potential customers. It involves feeding your audience with just enough information about your business to make them interested in what you have to offer. There are unique ways to generate leads. .


Content is every marketing team's biggest asset. It is the bulk of what you intend to tell your audience about your business.

There are certain factors to consider while creating content for your business's lead generation:

  • Is it worth your audience's time?

  • Will it appeal to their goodwill or make them turn to the nearest competitor?

  • Does your content speak volumes of your products and services?

  • Is it unique to your business, or just some writings bootlegged from somewhere on the internet?

Social media

In this age, social media has successfully transited from being a platform for social networking alone to becoming a hub for awareness and commercialization. Via social media, you can actively market your products and services to your followers and also enjoy the benefits of increased leads in no time.


The more traffic you have on your business website, the more chances people will be interested in your products. And one way to increase traffic for your website is to optimize your content for search engines.

A search engine optimized page gives your website a higher rank for the keywords involved. When your ranking improves, it means that people are more likely to go through your content. And if your content is top-notch, be sure to have leads filing in.

Get an Expert Generator

If you'd rather not go through the stress of handling lead generation on your own, an expert lead generator will be of great help. You can also choose to hire an expert to complement your already-existing lead-generating efforts.

Importing Leads to Your CRM

Having generated leads on your website or social media pages, you need to import the leads to your CRM for better organization and easy conversion. To import leads on Bitrix24, we have developed a custom application to help our client move mass lead data generated from sources that cannot be integrated into Bitrix24.

The screenshots below show how it is work:

  1. On our client's portal, we added a new function known as 'lead imports'.

    Bitrix24 Leads View
  2. On opening 'lead import', you can see an interface for data uploading. For each lead data source, we can develop an application for data upload. We could also have different data upload interfaces under the same application.

  3. Next, we download an Excel spreadsheet template for data uploading.

    app for importing Leads
  4. Next, we fill in lead data like name, contact number, email, and the rest.

    Bitrix24 drive
  5. Going back to our lead import, we select the responsible person and the stage (new lead) of that lead.

  6. Next, we choose a file, and save the template in 3 and 4 above. Then we save the import.

  7. By refreshing our page and going back to 'Leads', we now see that the lead data is already uploaded on Bitrix24.

    app for uploading leads
So, how much do you value your leads? And how intensely would you have them become loyal customers? Call us, let's talk, and also help you achieve your business goals! And don't forget check video below about that development.