Incoming SMS for #Bitrix24

Two-way SMS is one of the standard and affordable method of communication in most countries. A good number of our clients utilize two-way SMS to enhance communication with their customers.

Bitrix24 uses Twilio service for outbound messages, but this service offers only one-way messaging and does not allow your customers to reply via the same channel. The cause of this one-way messaging is that whatever reply your customers send to you will deliver to Twilio, but not to Bitrix24.

Nevertheless, we have designed a module to solve this one-way messaging (SMS, image, and video messaging) problem.

The module functions in the following steps:

1. When your customer sends a reply, it delivers on Twilio.

2. Twilio sends the reply to our server-located scripts through webhook.

screenshot twillio1

3. Our PHP script checks for the sender's number on Bitrix24.

screenshot bitrix chat

4. If the sender's phone number already exists in the system under leads, deals, or contact, then the SMS bounds that item as a comment.

screenshot bitrix crm

5. However, if the script does not find the phone number in the database, it creates a new lead and then sends notifications to Bitrix24 users through the server.

screenshot bitrix leads
You can also watch the video of this development below and get more ideas how it is working.