Enjoy Stress-Free Payments With Bitrix24 Invoice Automation

If your business operations require that you process one or two invoices on a daily basis, your accounts payable department may find it an easy task to complete. But when it comes to handling invoices in their hundreds, you may need to resort to automation, as certain consequences may accompany the manual processing of such volumes.

With invoice automation, you enjoy numerous benefits from your Bitrix24 CRM. They include:

Reduced Labor Costs

Manual labor contributes significantly to payment processing costs in many businesses. They can be incurred from reduced productivity, and actual labor costs among others, and can eat deep into the revenue of any business. The fastest way to reduce (and even eliminate) these costs is to automate your invoice processing.

Reduced Error

With invoice automation, errors associated with manual entry can be drastically reduced. Since there'd be no need to consistently enter details like headers, and company / client data, human errors like typos and omissions will be greatly reduced.

Also, payment errors that may result from entry can be avoided when your invoicing process is automated.

Timely Processes

Nothing hurts your business as much as wasted time. Delayed payment processes can reduce productivity for your staff, soil your customer and vendor experience, and consequently cost you significant revenue. Invoice automation is definitely a bonus during invoice data input and verification.

In the long run, the time you save by automating your invoicing process can be channeled to other aspect of your business operations.

Control Over Your Payment Processes

In addition to saving you time and resources, invoice automation gives you control over your payment cycles. With appropriate permission, you and your team members can easily stay abreast of the status of any invoice at any given time. From the invoice status, you can actively estimate the progress of any transaction.

With the control you get from automated invoicing, you can pinpoint defaulting areas and come up with strategies for improvement. As a manager, invoice automation gives you data with which you can also monitor your accounts payable team, and carry out reviews as necessary.

Ease of Import, Export and Integration

Paper invoices can very easily get lost or mishandled. Nevertheless, when you automate your invoice system in your CRM, you make it accessible for use on different platforms. You can easily import, export or integrate it into other finance systems and databases.

Remote Access

Unlike paper / manually prepared invoices, automated invoices can be accessed from any location. You team can also enjoy collaboration in real-time, as one invoice can be accessed by every authorized individual.

Better Business Relationship

With automated invoicing, you'll be serving your customers and suppliers nothing but the best payment services. And who wouldn't come for more of your services when they do not have to wait a whole month to have their invoices approved?

So, for this integration, our client had a problem sorting out payment to their vendors. Previously, they used manual invoicing until they discovered that such entry cost them their business image and money.

Steps how it works

  1. We have a special funnel, under which there are invoices to be paid. These invoices are also sent via emails.

    Bitrix24 Deal View
  2. We have a special funnel, under which there are invoices to be paid. These invoices are also sent via emails.

    email sending
  3. In Bitrix24, the mail should appear in the deal funnel.

    Deal in Funnel
  4. When we open the email, the attachment can also be seen in the left section of the deal.

    Deal card
  5. After receiving the email, my client can go to the checking stage to state inaccuracies in the mail.

    open email
  6. Conversations can flow to and from us and our client, and each email will be reflected in the deal with that client.

    incoming email in Deal
  7. Even when the client sends in other invoices, our integration ensures that there are no mix-ups with the conversations.

    Bitrix24 funnel View
  8. For each invoice, we can also select specific details like payment and account types. Each invoice then automatically reverts to the account type for payment.

    section selecting
If you'd love to enjoy the benefits of invoice automation, or other unique Bitrix24 integrations, kindly contact us today! You can also check out the video of this tutorial below: