EMCsoft’s Review of Bitrix24


Customer relationship management makes up a vital aspect of every business. It involves every interaction a business has with its potential, current and past customers. And when a business fails to organize customer information and interactions, as well as the collaboration among its employees, success may not be attainable.

Also, with the digitalization of most business processes in the world today, CRM has moved from being a time-consuming human delegation to a digitalized activity. In fact, as your business front expands, you may begin to find it costly and inefficient to manage your customer relationships manually.

As a result, there are a countless number of CRM solutions businesses can presently harness. These solutions, in addition to managing customers and their info, also help businesses to bring marketing, sales and support under a single umbrella

We’ll talk extensively on one of the leading CRM software on the market: Bitrix24. We’ll discuss its features, its benefits, and how we can help you make the most of it to grow your business.

What Is Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is a software that automates transactions and communication processes between businesses and their customers. It provides collaboration tools for employees within a business. It also serves as a virtual office from which small and large businesses can manage tasks and projects, and also communicate with relevant third parties.

Essentially, this software offers solution on communications, tasks and project management. It is also designed as a CRM system to help businesses run smooth relationships with their customers.

Who Can Use Bitrix24?

Bitrix24 is ideal for all kinds of businesses. From small establishments, to large-scale industry giants, every business can benefit from the endless possibilities found in Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 Plans

Just like most other business solutions, Bitrix24 has different plans to suit the needs and financial capacities of different businesses. In summary, this collaborative software has three main plans: the free plan, the special plan and the business plan.

The Free Plan

The Bitrix24 free plan is designed for small business that cannot afford to pay for premium CRM solutions, but prefer to have AI run some operations for them. This plan does not require any fee for registration and subscription. Its features include:

  1. An unlimited number of users;

  2. 5GB of online storage;

  3. Basic CRM features;

  4. Basic features for tasks and projects management;

  5. Basic communication tools like conferencing, messaging and email;

  6. Basic online store features, customer contact center, and administration;

  7. Basic communication tools like conferencing, messaging and email.

On the other hand, this plan does not feature CRM marketing. Sales center and sales intelligent features like customer acquisition costs, adverts sources and marketing ROI area also not part of the free plan.

Special Plans

This plan is also ideal for small businesses that would rather channel a bulk of their finances towards a number of other growth-effecting processes. There are three unique packages under this plan: Start+, CRM+, and Project+.


At the cost of $19 per month, the Bitrix24 start+ plan affords up to two users access to specific business tools. Its features include:

  1. Access for two users;

  2. 10GB of online storage;

  3. Advanced CRM and task management features;

  4. Users also get to enjoy professional support from Bitrix24 support center;

  5. Basic communication and administration features.


For the Bitrix24 CRM+ special plan, businesses get to enjoy access to a rock-solid CRM system. At the cost of $55 per month, this plan offers users the following features:

  1. CRM system for 6 users

  2. 50GB online storage

  3. Advanced CRM, communication and project management tools

  4. Advanced administration, customer support and sales center tools

  5. Basic CRM marketing tools.


This plan is ideal for businesses that would rather digitalize their task and project management processes, and focus on other profit-generating fronts. You get to pay $55 every month to enjoy the features of this plan.

  1. Professional task and project management tools for 24 users.

  2. 50GB online storage

  3. Basic CRM, online store and customer support features.

  4. Professional communication, administration, chats and video calls.

Business Plans

Bitrix24 business plans are ideal for mid-sized and large businesses that can afford to have AI run most of their activities. From CRM system, to project management and collaborative tools, these plans save businesses the cost of running a host of their activities manually. There are two suites under this plan, and they are:

The Standard Business Plan

At $79 per month, this plan affords users an advanced business management suite. It is ideal for mid-sized businesses, and provides:

  1. Access for up to 50 users

  2. 100GB online storage

  3. Advanced features of CRM, tasks and projects, communications, online stores, customer center, administration, CRM marketing, and sales center and intelligence.

  4. Professional features on Bitrix24 support, chats and video calls.

The Professional Business Plan

For the professional business plan, an unlimited number of user get to enjoy premium Bitrix24 features at $159 per month. These feature include:

  1. 1,024GB of online storage

  2. Pro features on CRM, task management, communications, CRM marketing, and support.

  3. Full sales intelligent and sales center features, and absolute control over data and data settings.

Mode of Use

Bitrix24 is a utilitarian solution not only because of it many productive features. It is compatible with desktop and mobile devices, allowing users complete their activities wherever they are. Its online versions can also be accessed using recognized browsers like Google Chrome and Apple Safari. Users can download its mobile application from Play Store and App store.

Furthermore, this collaborative software can also be used as self-hosted or cloud-based.

Self-Hosted Bitrix24

Self-hosted Bitrix24 allow users to own their private Bitrix24 network for a one-off payment of $1,490. It offers businesses an unlimited license, and free updates for the first year. After the first year, businesses get to pay 25% of the initial fee yearly to continue to receive updates.

This version of Bitrix24 is ideal for businesses with a staff size of about 50 to 50,000. It allows companies to set up a unified portal for the entire enterprise, or create independent, but centrally-managed cloud spaces for its subsidiaries and branches.

Self-hosted Bitrix24 is secured, and allows users absolute control over their data and permissions. It uses wo-step verification, Bitrix OTP and custom backup files as its security tools for safeguarding your data.

With this version of Bitrix24, your business will surely experience growth because you can use your private network to securely access third-party applications and software. And the most intriguing feature about this version of Bitrix24 is that it allows for unique integrations. It gives access to source codes API and SDK customizations, allowing business owners to tailor the software to their unique needs.

This version may not be very easy to install and use. You may need to contact integrators like EMCsoft to complete its setup. You can also contact us if your business does not yet have a server of its own, and you’d love us to install the software on our servers for you.

Cloud Version

If you run a company with 1 to 100 employees or team members, then the cloud version of this software may be ideal for you. It offers flexible data management for small and mid-sized establishment as employees can access data from any location, and at every time of the day.

Nevertheless, users of this version can only make do with the basic functionalities of the software. They are also only entitled to custom logo and domain name on selected monthly subscriptions. Color schemes, authorization page, layouts and menus in this version cannot be customized. And users do not also have access to use API for third party integrations.

Features of Bitrix24

Doubling as a collaborative and CRM software, Bitrix24 has several productive features for the day-to-day running of businesses. From CRM, to team collaboration tools, and tasks and project manager, Bitrix24 boasts of several business-growing features. These features are categorized as follows:


In terms of communication, Bitrix24 functions as a virtual office that can be utilized by companies of different sizes. It efficiently provides tool for online meetings, collaborations, human resource and document management.

Virtual Office

With the increasing rise in the trend of remote working, businesses will benefit from utilizing Bitrix24 as a virtual office. It allows for chats and videoconferencing to enable employees communicate remotely. Calls can be recorded, and their histories saved for future use. You can also motivate your employees with appreciation badges, and keep them in the loop with newsfeed, announcements and employee pools.

Team Collaboration

Bitrix24 fosters collaboration among team members with its many collaborative tools. From Telephony, to social collaboration tools, extranet chats and external collaboration, Bitrix24 unites employees without the need to have them physically together.

With this software’s collaboration tools, employees can manage and track tasks and subtasks, and also set up appointment schedules using the personal, group and company calendars. On completing tasks, users can forward auto-generated reports to supervisors and managers for assessment.

Human Resource Management

Bitrix24 also allows to companies manage their employees, without the need to pay extra remuneration to a HR manager. It also digitalizes and transforms team management to increase productivity.

The HR features of this software include employee profile and attendance management, an online timer to log employee activities, workflow automation, and performance reporting.

Projects and Workgroups

Bitrix24 makes it easier for businesses, or group of employees to manage their tasks and workgroups. It also ensures that projects are completed promptly, while adhering to relevant company policies.

The project management features of Bitrix24 include templates and automations for recurring tasks, 4-role assignment for every task. Gantt chart, Kanban, Lists and Planner view. Employee workload and time management can also be executed from this software. Read our guide on creating new workgroup topics to make the most of this feature.

Document Management

Gone are the days when physical documents have to be moved from one office to the other to pass an information within an organization. Thanks to software like Bitrix24, companies can now enjoy unlimited cloud storage and document management. Bitrix24 users can also create, store and edit documents on the Bitrix24 cloud, or integrate and store them on third-party software like Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive.


Customer relationship management has never been easier. With its many CRM features, Bitrix24 ensures that businesses do not lack customer management tools.

Customer Management

This solution offers businesses a platform to store, safeguard and utilize customer information. At a single glance, this Bitrix24 gives you access to your old and potential customers’ information as well as their order history.

Consequently, you can automate value enhancement to attract new clients, keep existing ones by including features like discounts and benefits to new and existing customers’ order.

This platform also doubles as a customer support platform where you can attend to customer tickets via messages, telephony, live chats and emails. And because you already have each customer’s information and transaction history on your database, you can readily solve their problem and keep them satisfied with your services.

Lead Generation

Within a short time, this software can undoubtedly facilitate your lead generation through its lead generating tools like webforms, live chat and social media integrations. It also puts you through your business’s customer conversion progress in order to help you make strategic business decisions.

Sales Data Management and Analytics

Bitrix24 improves your lead generation and conversion by giving you insights into your sales pipeline and sales funnel. With this software, you’ll not only get a grasp of how your leads become paying customers, you’ll also keep track of customers who tread the process successfully.

Furthermore, Bitrix24 analytics affords you a glance at what your sales will look like in the future. You can measure each sales person’s progress and also take note of your best clients. Its automated sales process further allows you to convert your leads at a faster rate, and get existing customers to become loyal customers.

Invoices and Accounting

With Birtix24, even your accounting processes are not left out. You can automatically generate invoices from templates, send them, and track paid and unpaid ones. Integrations with accounting software like QuickBooks also makes your Bitrix24 accounting process seamless and flexible. Contact us, we can help you customize your invoice approval process so you can have the best Bitrix24 experience.

If you have to transact with multiple currencies and different tax categories, Bitrix24 also has you covered. You can easily configure tax settings, and currency exchange rates to make your transactions (foreign) seamless.

Sales center

With Bitrix24, you can confidently ditch the need to physically market your products and services. By integrating this CRM with social media platforms, and email, you can reach your leads and potential customers directly via Bitrix24. Customers’ emails and social media handles are automatically added to their profile on the CRM, allowing you easy access to them at any time. You can also conveniently forward bulk marketing emails, and group each mail in their respective categories

With very low call and SMS rates, Bitrix24 allows you to use Telephony call center to reach your clients in more than 50 countries. There is also the call recording option, and a call module script to enhance your business’ call center service.

Orders and Commission

With individual or corporate sales target, Bitrix24 helps you track your progress, calculate your commission and compensate sale persons accordingly.

You can also process and manage customer order automatically, and create discounts on customer order. Overall, the software helps you increase order value and frequency.

Tasks and Projects

Bitrix24 boasts of one of the most efficient task and project management features in the business world. It allows users to actively work and collaborate flexibly during project execution using the following features:

Project Management

On Bitrix24’s project page, you can assign tasks to different group members on the platform’s workgroup. Each project workgroup contains all the files, tasks and interactions between responsible people under the projects.

Gantt chart, Kanban board and time management feature make project management effortless on Bitrix24. You can view the status of each task within a project, and track employees’ working hours per task.

Workload management

Checklists and Task Counters

When you have several stages of work within a task, Bitrix24 checklists can help you navigate the stages efficiently. Each item gets automatically checked as soon as it completed.

You can also attend to task according to your business priorities. Bitrix24 task manager helps you monitor task statuses for different individuals and departments; it also notifies you of overdue, unevaluated or untimed tasks.

Task Automation and Dependencies

Bitrix24’s task automation feature allows you to automate recurring tasks using specific templates. You can also set tasks to recur at specified intervals.

You can also set up coherent relationships between tasks to increase the efficiency of execution. Bitrix24 also supports FS, FF, SS and SF task dependencies.

Collaboration With Third Party

Bitrix24 also allows you to complete tasks and projects with third party. By creating your projects in Bitrix24 Extranet, you can have your business partners and clients work with you.

Customer contact center

Bitrix24 shaves hours of work off your businesses processes by doubling as a contact center. Hence, from a single platform, you can manage your customers’ data, complete their orders, and still attend to enquires and complaints without switching applications.

Social Media Hub

Bitrix24 integrates perfectly with Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp to give your customers a flawless experience with your business. Your customers can shop products, interact with you, and pay for products without leaving their social media pages. On the other hand, you get to interact with them, and confirm their purchases all from your Bitrix24 website.


With Bitrix24 Telephony, you can rent and create phone numbers for your team members. You can also track, forward and record calls for reporting and assessment purposes.

Live chat

You can offer your customers instant support with the Bitrix24 live chat option. You can also set up canned replies for times when your support agents are not available. Every interaction with customers is also saved for future reports and analysis.

Voice Calls, Emails and SMS

Using third-party systems like SIP-Trunk and Twillo, Bitrix24 allows you to make voice calls, and send promotional texts to your customers.

Benefits of Using Bitrix24

Imagine what it would cost your business (in terms of finance and personnel) to run every single operation manually. If you have to manually generate leads, convert them, send invoices, email your customer, and monitor your employees’ progress, your business will suffer in many ways. First, you may never be able to meet up with deadlines and project timelines. Your profit will most likely go into funding those processes, and your employees will be burned beyond every possible human limit.

But when you use Bitrix24 CRM, your business is spared a truckload of disadvantages. Below are a few of the benefits you enjoy with Bitrix24, especially when we run unique customizations for your business:


Bitrix24 increases the overall organization of your business by providing a means to streamline your data and processes. By streamlining and automating your customer data, sales and resource management, your business processes will be much easier to understand and execute.

Improved Efficiency

Bitrix24 improves efficiency by making tasks easier to execute. When a single employee is not laden with the responsibility of generating leads, sending email campaigns, sending invoices, and managing the sales platform alone, they’ll be better able to execute their responsibilities efficiently.

Reduced Costs

Again, try to visualize how much it would cost your business to hire people to run all your operations manually. Factor in the wages, allowances, operating costs, real estate and equipment cost you’ll expend to get your business up and running.

Clearly, Bitrix24 significantly reduces the overall cost of running your day-to-day business activities. It affords you the freedom of having your CRM, sales, team and project management all in one place. You will no longer need to pay individuals to carry out a number of automated operations.

As an example, when you have us automate your approval process via digital signatures, the issue of office space for all your approvers will be inexpensively addressed. Your approvers can digitally append their signatures on your invoice without having to be physically present in your business premises.

Eliminates Errors

Entry and processing errors are not only costly to your finances; they can also damage your brand’s reputation. No customer would want to continue with a company that frequently sends invoices with wrong details or misplaced order matching. And no matter how skilled your employees are, they are bound to omit a thing or two each time they have to manually process or enter data.

Also consider the consequences of making business decisions upon erroneous data, the result can be irreparably fatal. But when you have a CRM system through which you can automate most processes, you’ll have less errors to deal with at every step of the way.

Improves Service Quality and Consistency

With Bitrix24 automations like invoice and task templates, you are guaranteed of consistency in service delivery and data entry. And since the chances of duplicate data entry will be eliminated, Bitrix24 ensures that your service quality sticks to a standard.

Increases Visibility and Accountability

Bitrix24 does not only help you execute sales and projects faster. It also gives you an eagle’s view of your entire business. With Bitrix24, you can monitor and track each business process for better optimization and decision making. You can also monitor your employees and their individual progress. Bitrix24 reporting and analytics also gives you a clue as to what your prospects should be. And this clue can be an actionable tool during key decision making.

When you can actively view the status of each of your processes, your business processes remain accountable. Each process can be under the microscope, and employees can be held responsible for the outcomes of tasks and projects assigned to them.

Makes Collaboration Easier

The workgroups, HR management, communication and access control features of Bitrix24 enhances collaboration among team members. These features ensure that employees can effortlessly communicate and share project files with one another, and the management; and each communication pathway can be stored and accessed during reporting and policy making.

Bitrix24 also enhances collaboration with third-party entities as businesses are able to pool relevant data for improved processes.

Saves Time Spent on Business Processes

When you have your CRM executing a large chunk of your tasks, you’ll be able to complete projects faster. And when you are able to store customer data online, to access it effortlessly when needed, you get to save the time you would have spent trying to figure out the customer’s information.

Increases Profit

Bitrix24 fosters your relationship with your existing customers, thereby helping you to retain them. And an increased customer retention rate has been shown to increase profit by an average of 65%.

Also, the resources that would have been channeled into carrying out CRM operations manually can be rerouted to other revenue-yielding ventures.

Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Statistics from Capterra and IBM show that CRM increases a business’s conversion and customer satisfaction rates by 300% and 47% respectively. And Bitrix24 ranks among the most productive CRMs on the market.

This rate increase stems from the facts that in addition to being able to adequately manage customer data in request, your customers will also find it less complicating to reach out to your business.

Guarantees Compliance

By organizing your customer and business data and also generating reports and analytics, you can always monitor your processes in real-time. This monitoring helps you discover when your business process start to go against the prevailing business laws in your region. And when the time comes for auditing and tax preparation, you have all your necessary document accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Bitrix24 for Free?

Yes. Bitrix24 has a basic plan that allows you to access a host of its features at the cost of nothing. There are also no additional fees for performing the functions available on this free Bitrix24 plan. However, you will need to pay to expand your online storage beyond what is available on the free plan. And should you decide to opt for a paid plan, you can try that plan free for 30-days before committing your resources.

Is There a Refund Policy on Bitrix24?

Under Bitrix24 Terms of Service, there is no active refund policy. You get charged for using this CRM solution on a monthly, six-monthly and yearly basis. But should you decide to cancel your current subscription, you can reach out to a Bitrix24 representative to cancel your active subscription. However, any amount paid prior to the cancelation will not be refunded.

Can I Customize my Bitrix24?

Absolutely. Although you cannot change Bitrix24’s UI in your system, you can carry out a number of integrations and customization on the platform

We actively ease the process of integrating your CRM with other business software. We also automate your business processes like invoicing and approval, lead import, access control, reporting and feedback.

By reaching out to us, we can customize your cloud and self-hosted Bitrix24 to meet your business needs.

Choose a convenient slot from our calendar and enjoy a complimentary one-hour consultation session for your project.

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