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Self-hosted Bitrix24 comes with a truckload of advantages. Nevertheless, it is not without its troubles. These troubles are often easier to understand if users begin their Bitrix24 story with this version. However, if the issues begin after a migration from the cloud version of Bitrix24 , it may not be too easy for you to handle.

An example of the technical issues associated with self-hosted Bitrix24 is that most first-time users often complain about technical difficulties while sending emails. To rightly address these problems, let’s take a look at the uniqueness of each Bitrix24 version.

Mailing System for Cloud Bitrix24

Undoubtedly, self-hosted Bitrix24 boasts of an endless possibility for improvement and personalization. But the cloud version of this CRM ensures that users have all their mailing and messaging needs met by its SMTP server. The SMTP server exists to make communication possible using the CRM. As a result, you can send and receive emails from different mailboxes at no extra cost.

As soon as you successfully synchronize your mail service with your Bitrix24 portal, Bitrix24 SMTP ensures that your notifications, invitations, memos, correspondences, and emails are timely received and delivered.

Mailing System for Self-Hosted Bitrix24

The mailing system for self-hosted Bitrix24 is quite different from that of the cloud version. The self-hosted SMTP, just like the other features of this version, is configured according to your CRM preferences and must be done accordingly to function well.

When you configure the self-hosted with a particular mailbox domain, there’d be no difficulty in sending and receiving mails. However, you may encounter technical issues when you attempt to connect to a different mail domain to the system.

Consequently, self-hosted Bitrix24 SMTP will require further integration to accommodate more than one email domain. Else, you may be able to successfully connect additional domains and also receive emails on them. But you will be unable to get the mail past your computer.

EMCsoft’s Solution

As a user who migrates from the cloud to self-hosted Bitrix24, EMCsoft takes the responsibility to help you enjoy Bitrix24 emailing services. As stated on our homepage, we ensure that you get the best out of your CRM – whether in the cloud or the self-hosted Bitrix24.

We deliver our solution to the emailing limitation in the self-hosted version as codes. We write a program that allows you to activate more than one domain mailbox in your self-hosted Bitrix24 CRM. We also proffer this solution to close up the difference between your self-hosted CRM and another in the cloud.

Contrary to what you may receive from inexperienced integrators, EMCsoft will ensure that:

  • This integration works fine on all self-hosted Bitrix24 versions;
  • The programming does not tamper with the efficiency of your CRM;
  • Each system upgrades you carry out comes with improvements in the functions of your SMTP and CRM as a whole.

After troubleshooting the self-hosted Bitrix24 SMTP for our clients, they could send and receive mails using several mailbox domains without as little as a single glitch. It is also worth it to state that self-hosted Bitrix24 cannot, by default, achieve this result.

You need to contact a trusted, and experienced Bitrix24 integrator like EMCsoft to enjoy this benefit.


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