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If there is a list of goals every team must attain, then improved productivity should be on that list. When a business’s productivity is increased, it is better positioned to utilize the slightest opportunities for increased sales. And what better way can productivity be improved if not by a smoothly running system?

G-Suite is Google’s collection of apps that includes email, calendar, contacts, drive cloud storage, admin console, docs, and sheet. It is reliable and efficient, and benefits your business in several ways. This intelligent app suite is also easy to use and does not necessarily require that your team members be technically inclined.

However, you will undoubtedly get the best from your G Suite when you integrate it with your Bitrix24 CRM software. The benefits below will convince you to allow EMCsoft integrate your G Suite with Bitrix24:

Your Company’s Data in One Place

Being able to easily access both your clients’ and employees’ data and contact them accordingly is vital to your business activities’ smooth running. You’ll also be able to keep track of events and tasks for adequate and effortless supervision.

Increased Sales Activities

By syncing both systems, you help your team work faster and more intelligently towards sales improvement. And even if you intend to build a long-term partnership with your client, an integrated system will make things easier.

Efficient Time Management

An integrated G Suite and Bitrix24 system will help your business make the most of time. Duplication of your documents and contacts is completely avoided, and this goes a long way to save you the time needed to upload or verify each file.

Enhanced Communication

Since you will access relevant information at once, an integrated system helps to enhance communication within your business. Whether it is between a potential client, your employees, or an investor, a G Suite-Bitrix24 system has you covered.

So, whether you own a small café business, a growing construction company, or an international software company, you will definitely find this integration very useful. At EMCsoft, we are experts when it comes to system integrations like this.

We have compiled this brief tutorial to show you how we integrate Bitrix24 with your G Suite. The task assigned here is automatically integrated into your employees’ calendars, and thankfully, everyone uses Google Calendar.

1. To set up a task from a contact, we begin by navigating to the Bitrix24 interface and then to the client in question. In this case, we are using ‘Emin Mamedov’ as our client.

2. By clicking on the name, the client’s information will be displayed as seen below.

3. On the Bitrix24 page showing ‘Emin Mamedov’ details, we assign company assignment and appointment type.

4. By navigating to the task page on the right, we insert the task subject, select the person responsible for the task, and the date and time schedule. In this tutorial, we set Joelle as the person responsible for the job.

5. Once you input the start time and duration of this task, Bitrix24 will automatically compute its completion time.

6. As soon as we click on ‘add task,’ Joelle will receive a notification for the task in his calendar, on the day and time indicated in the task.

7. We can also send the same task notification to all the client’s employees if necessary.

8. When the task is completed, the person responsible for it can simply input the ‘completed’ command. The changes will reflect on Bitrix24.

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