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Several elements can work against your business operations. The pretty obvious ones are fierce competition, niche complexities, and poor customer perception. Others may not seem noteworthy, but they can strip you of your client base faster than you built it. One of them is the use of a spreadsheet like excel for customer interactions.

Please note that this article is not to underrate the importance of spreadsheets for business interactions. It is to open you up to the possibilities you can achieve with Bitrix24 that cannot be obtained with spreadsheets alone.

The Purpose of Excel

Excel is undoubtedly a powerful program every data processing office often requires. However, just like other software in the industry, it has its specific use. It is for calculation and data analysis, not customer management. This purpose is even stated clearly in the software’s description.

Hence, using excel for customer relationship management will be analogous to fetching water with a basket. Excel might be able to help you maintain an efficient record-keeping system, but you’ll be at a loss when you need to do things like automated email campaigns or voicemails.


Not every department within your establishment will require excel spreadsheets for their work. For some departments, you’ll be incurring an additional cost when you decide to opt for excel instead of an all-encompassing CRM as you have to pay separately for each business tool. This is similar to disintegrating the different functions of Bitrix24 and then paying separately for each.

Do not also forget that you cannot use Excel for your business without paying for a license. Even its cloud version will cost you up to $ 10 every month for each user. If you happen to have up to 50 workers who work with spreadsheets, you’ll be doing your business so much harm as you’d be losing on two sides.

Smooth Flow of Projects

Spreadsheets like Excel are generally not user-friendly, and your projects may suffer lag resulting from manual procedures. Not every department in your business will be able to use – or even need – a spreadsheet for their projects. And you’ll only slow down progress when you use tools that are not up to the tasks involved.

Remote Access

There’s been an improvement in the use and sharing of spreadsheets and their content – no doubt. The cloud storage in Excel allows you to create and share your spreadsheets wherever you are, but not in formats other than its original format.

On the other hand, Bitrix24 allows you to create your spreadsheet (and other documents) in over 30 different formats. You can also access these documents from several parts of the world at the same time without the need for a file download or software installation.

Customer Interactions

How do you automatically receive and sync your clients’ data on a spreadsheet?

Or how do you request and receive customer feedback with tables?

Do not also forget your call center scripts and how your customer support system needs to be monitored to improve your customers’ satisfaction.

How do you accomplish all of these with a spreadsheet?

On the other hand, there’s simply no end to what Bitrix24 can help you achieve with your customers. Excel will only slow things down and prevent your business from serving your customers the best of your services.

Endless options

There’s just so much you can do with Bitrix24, even in its basic form. With a few clicks, you can automate your invoices, send voicemails, and create a map of your office. And with the very many integrations we at EMCsoft can do for you, there’d be only a few things you may not be able to do with Bitrix24.

EMCsoft, Your Go-To Bitrix24 Integrator

Rather than manage Excel spreadsheets for your business, let us help you customize Bitrix24 to suit all your business requirements. And the good news is: we are only a phone call away.

Contact us today, and let’s get your business scaling up the profit ladder.


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