Checklists are Your Business’s Biggest Fan

Successful business deals are rarely accomplished by the completion of a single task alone. Each deal requires a series of action steps, stages, and processes to qualify as complete. Hence, for each deal you're able to close in your business, several tasks will need to be completed. And this is where checklists (just like a ticketing system) step in to help your business.

Checklists are your business's biggest fan because they help you to complete tasks at the right time. With a checklist, it is practically impossible to forget scheduled tasks. However, there are other benefits to employing the use of checklists in your business deals:

They Keep Your Deals Organized

You may know, by heart, all the steps you need to complete within a single deal, but a checklist helps you put the entire process in order. It helps you know and execute each process accordingly.

They Filter Out Distractions

With a checklist - and a deadline - the chances of getting involved in tasks not included in the list are very slim.

They're a Source of Motivation

You are motivated to complete your business processes when you have each task specified in a checklist.

They Save Time

Have you ever lingered at a point of indecision after completing one task out of many? Such times occur when there is no guide to keep your execution in check. Checklists save you time by eliminating the moments of decision / indecision between tasks as they already point you to the next task to execute

They Increase Productivity

When you can complete tasks on time and in order, you achieve positive results. Consequently, consistent results boost the productivity of your business.

How to Automatically Generate Checklists for Bitrix24 Deals

If checklists are your business's biggest fans, generating them automatically would mean a stress-free boost for your business. In this illustration, we show how we, at EMCsoft, automatically generate checklists in Bitrix24 based on the stage of deals. In this development, you only need to focus on each deal stage and the tasks in its checklist.

The screenshots below show how it is work:

  1. We create a new deal by entering the necessary details and then saving the deal.

    Deal card
  2. As soon as we create the deal, the sales agent automatically receives a list of tasks, they are to complete for that particular deal stage.

    list of tasks
  3. For each task executed, it is checked on the checklist on the left side of the deal page. The agent cannot manually check or uncheck any item on the list. Only the execution of tasks checks the list.

    list of tasks
  4. To check items on the list, the agent has to open the task associated with the item.

    list of tasks
  5. On opening the task, they can complete the task.

  6. Once that task is completed, it is automatically checked on the list on the deal page.

  7. In the same way, as soon as the sales agent completes other tasks, they are automatically checked on the list.

  8. Also, when every task in one stage is completed, the deal automatically moves to the next stage, and a new checklist is created for that stage.

  9. When the tasks in the second stage are completed, the checklist is automatically checked. The deal also moves to the third stage, with new tasks and a checklist.

    check tasks
  10. Once a particular stage is completed, the sales director can uncheck any item on that stage, the sales agent cannot. When the sales director unchecks any item, the deal returns to that particular stage, and the unchecked task pops up as undone until it is completed.

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You can also watch the video of this development below