Does Bitrix24 Analytics Matter?

In this age, it is practically impossible for business operations to run successfully outside laid down principles and logic - especially if the efforts for growth will not be in vain. Hence, every business needs analytics to function optimally and with long-lived results.

Business analytics are generated to improve the efficiency of business processes, especially when they are accompanied by prompt responses. But then, how can any analytics give you good results if they're not trustworthy?

In your search for a Business Intelligence system, reliability is a factor that should not be compromised.

Business Data Structures

In recent times, most businesses (especially IT) operate with an array of solutions comprised of third-party software integrated into leading software. This integrated solution is usually responsible for managing the day-to-day interactions within the business; from visitors' contacts to closed deals.

Among the array of tools and programs businesses need to run smoothly, CRM happens to be a critical one. It affords businesses the understanding of each client's journey with their business - from their first visits to becoming a lead and subsequently a deal. It also allows managers and business owners to monitor the daily interactions that occur between the businesses and their customers.

In the real sense, getting a potential client to become a regular customer is no easy task. And a lot of businesses still struggle with this conversion. Nevertheless, those who use CRM systems have little to worry about. They are better equipped to carry out their business processes and amass clients without the interruption of a lag or unclear elements.

Another vital element in every business's data structure is business analytics. Programs of this kind make the use of data relatively easy for businesses. Business analytics also compile relevant data and process them to extract useful analysis and forecasts for the effective running of business processes. One of such programs is the Microsoft Business Intelligence System, Power BI.

Microsoft Power BI is one of the best solutions that guarantees straightforward analytics for the smooth operation of any business. It comes loaded with features and tools that enable the average business to thrive in any environment.

Power BI

For more than a decade, Microsoft Corp. has helped businesses significantly improve their decision-making processes. Its many programs on statistics, alongside its simplified interface and illustrations, make it a vital business improvement tool.

Available in both cloud and self-hosted versions, Power BI affords its users some very juicy features. First, cloud Power BI users can simultaneously share and receive files from multiple devices. Users can also tailor the program's interface to their taste, create essential business reports, and also transfer these reports to multiple users. This version has few complexities and does not require unique equipment to function.

Power BI's real-time analysis ensures that you stay ahead of every happening and change in your business. It meticulously monitors your business trends to ensure that nothing is left a mystery. This system also generates detailed reports to foster data analysis and accountability.

Given that Power BI is a solution by Microsoft, it is user-friendly and very business- efficient. With its numerous tools, a brief training session is all your employees need to use this solution. You can also manage it (in terms of storage) the same way you manage your MS Office.

However, the most interesting feature of Power BI is that it can become a handy tool for developers. Its tools can be customized to suit a client's requirements or modified for use in other applications and software like Bitrix24.

Bitrix24 Integration with Power BI

Yes. Power BI can be integrated into Bitrix24 with the help of special fields, data refining algorithms, and API. API is needed because Power BI's field type cannot be directly marked on Bitrix24, and a go-between would be required to cache independent CRM data and generate CRM report.

Currently, only a few pre-integrated Bitrix24-Power BI systems are available for business use at a monthly rate. These systems also operate according to region and may not be particularly suited for your business.

To get a Bitrix24-Power BI system that is tailor-made for your business, you'll need an experienced developer like EMCsoft to help you coordinate its 0s and 1s. Simply reach out to us, let's help you utilize Business Intelligence to your advantage.