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Getting a standard customer call center service is no cheap task. From finding the right firm to preparing call center scripts and ensuring that issues can be adequately resolved, setting up a call center is not a breezy task.

More importantly, by the time you set up your call center, you would have only taken the first step in improving your business via a customer call center.

What then is the next step?

Adequate reporting!

When there’s no active reporting tool for your call center, you may not be able to control what call agents do with your hard-earned customers. And when you cannot regulate these interactions, you put your business at the risk of decreased customer retention.

When call center reports are processed, what you do with them determines the growth of your business. You can choose to pile them up and then discard them when you go low on memory. Or, you can choose to monitor them closely for further analysis and improvement.

Of course, the second option should be your goal.

Here comes the big question – why should you monitor your call center reports?

For Detailed Analysis

As said earlier, your call center may go underutilized if you fail to harness its report for growth. Every call center report should be meticulously analyzed for flaws and shortcomings in your call services.

Are your customers satisfied after every call?

What percentage of your callers hang up before the end of the call, and for what reasons?

How well do your agents manage unfriendly conversations?

To Understand Your Customers

In addition to helping you keep track of performance indices, call center reports give you unrestricted access to conversions between your agents and your customers. It means that you can deduce what your customers need from your business and the types of services they prefer. You also get to know the elements of your products and services that are important to them.

To Improve Customer Satisfaction

Your customers are the centerpiece of your business, and your operations should be directed towards their satisfaction.

However, satisfying your customers may not be achievable if you do not understand their individual needs. Hence, adequate call center reporting becomes necessary if you must satisfy your customers.

From your call center reports, you can understand your buyers’ journey and channel your best services towards their satisfaction.

For Excellent Customer Experience

When you can take customer-satisfying actions after analyzing your call center reports, you’ll be able to improve customer experience with your business.

For Strategic Improvement

If you do not monitor your call center reports, you may never discover which agent has a hard time managing hostile callers. You may not also be able to figure out the additional tools your agents may require to improve their services if you do not monitor your call center reports.

On the other hand, when you can discover the flaws in your call services, you can channel your findings towards necessary improvements. You can also incorporate important training and skill development for the employees involved.

We are also pleased to let you know that call center reports are not part of the basic features of Bitrix24. They are EMCsoft’s unique development; a single phone call to us will enable you to generate and use custom reports for your call center.

The screenshots below show how we do this development:

1. When we navigate to deals in our client’s portal, we included a special field to show the recent calls made or received by agents.

2. Our clients can enjoy this special field by navigating to ‘lists’ under deals, and selecting ‘recent time called by agent’ for each agent.

3. In this development, our client can also select a team member responsible for the call.

4. Being able to select responsible persons and also view their last call times will help our client to monitor the performance of their call agents. They can listen in on each conversion between customers and call agents.

We’re happy to help you with any integrations you would like to have on your Bitrix24 CRM. And don’t forget check out video below!


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