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It is always a good sign for your business if you have more than one deal with a particular customer. After all, only a customer who enjoys your services will call your customer service agents for more information even after contacting you on your website.

However, while multiple interactions with a particular customer may mean well for your sales, it will backbreaking for your CRM. You and your team will have to deal with accessing each deal separately during each interaction with that customer. The purpose of using a CRM system may also get defeated in the process. But don’t lose faith, there’s is a way around this seeming roadblock. That way is simply merging your deals.

Merging deals with your customers is one quick way to eliminate the complexities that come with duplicate entries. Your business stands to benefit in the following ways when you constantly merge deals with each one of your customers.

Eliminate CRM Complexities

Surely, you understand how unpleasant it can be to keep a customer waiting over the phone just so you can fetch all their transaction details from different deals. You may even lose such customers if the waiting becomes consistent, as they may perceive that your business lacks a proper structure for record-keeping.

But when you merge all the deals with one customer, you have them in one place and save yourself the stress of rummaging your CRM for transaction data with such customer.

Improved User Experience

Your CRM will be easier to navigate when each customer’s data is in one place. You, as a project manager, and your team members will be able to get tasks and projects completed smoothly.

Easier Reporting

Merged customer deals does not only improve your CRM’s user experience, it also makes reporting relatively easier. Reporting plays a major role in the progress of every business as inaccurate reporting can greatly impede growth and tamper with your decision-making tools.

Eliminates Dual Input Errors

When you import a deal with a particular customer from other systems to your CRM, merging becomes the best option for such entry. Any attempt to manually enter the imported deal into your CRM system may result in errors that can cost you time, business resources, and even the deal itself.

Hence, in this illustration, we’ll show you how EMCsoft merges deal for our clients who imports customer data from their 1C accounting system. This client created an invoice in 1C, and this triggered the creation of another deal in Bitrix24. So, we had to combine the two deals without erasing their history from the open channel.

Steps how it works

1. Upon creating the invoice in 1C, our client discovered that he had one lead in ‘preparation document’ stage and another in ‘invoice’ stage.

2. To merge these deals, we simply select the two deals and then select ‘merge’.

3. As soon as the successful merging notification shows, the two deals become one.

4. You can also see that the history of the two deals have also been merged so that managers can always have access to them.

Do you still need us to help make your CRM a flawless tool in your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us today! You can also watch the full video of this illustration below.


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